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FTSE 100 suffers oil fall out

If ever you wanted a demonstration of just how oil prices can impact the FTSE 100, then yesterday was a perfect example of that. The FTSE 100 fell back by 1.01% , where the DAX posted a gain of 0.24% on the session. Now, the FTSE 100 was not the only European index to close in the red yesterday, but compared to its peers, it was by far the worst performing index. I should also note; that the CAC 40 closed lower by 0.57% yesterday. The FTSE ended the session at 7,410, with a loss of 75 points on the day after failing again to make any progress beyond 7,500. The futures are a little higher this morning (around 7,435), but it remains to be seen how further moves in the oil markets will impact this index today, when live trading resumes in around 30 minutes 

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