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FTSE 100 struggling to make ends meet

All the major European stock markets closed higher yesterday, as noted here earlier in reference to the gains seen in the DAX. Just like the DAX those gains were small, with the CAC 40 gaining 0.24% and the FTSE 100 managing an even less impressive, 0.19% rise on the day. The index closed 14 points higher, at 7,483. The outlook for the opening this morning is not yet positive, despite a modest rebound in oil prices so far today, from the lows seen yesterday morning. The fact that the DAX is flirting with the 16k level is not having much influence on the FTSE either it seems. The more positive outlook for the UK economy should be lifting the index too, but so far that is just not happening, despite the index remaining the cheapest of all its peers on a price earnings ratio. The index futures are currently pricing the reopening at around 7,465

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