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FTSE 100 still holding gains as BOE decision looms

As usual, the FTSE 100 reopened officially today where it closed last night, at 8,205.11 and as mentioned earlier, that was a technically positive close. The index has lifted, to reach a high so far this morning at 8,231.6. It is below that high right now, as the Bank of England (BOE) monetary policy decision draws nearer. That is due at 11am GMT and the BOE is not expected to change the current 5.25% base rate. The reasons for that were explained here earlier today. The one thing that might impact the reaction to the outcome in both the Pound and the stock market could be the voting split (previously 7-2 in favour of no change) and whether that evidences more of a spilt decision on the outcome. Furthermore, any clues on what might happen to policy in August will be very much front and centre in any market reaction today. If it seems like the Bank might move immediately after the election, that will surely boost the FTSE 100 some more? Of course it is in the balance right now, but so far this morning the FTSE 100 is yet to back-off much at all. The index is currently trading at 8,222 

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