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FTSE 100 the standout European underperformer as Oil falls further

Yesterday afternoon, the underperformance in the FTSE 100 was noted here and it was seemingly delivered by further falls in the oil price. There will be more to add on that in a minute. The FTSE 100 closed 0.77% in the red, where the DAX for example ended the session 0.10% higher. The further gains in the pound did not help the FTSE 100 much either and the index did fall below 7,400 at one stage (7,384 the low), before later closing 57 points lower, at 7,412, However, overnight the FTSE 100 futures have rebounded somewhat and it remains to be seen, if the index can hold what looks like it will be a higher opening this morning. That is currently being priced at around 7,440

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