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FTSE 100 sets another record close

Yesterday the FTSE 100 reached a new milestone and set a new all time high, at 8,076. The index could not hold all of that gain into the close though, but still managed to avoid a daily close below 8.023, when setting another record close at 8,044. The price action since that close has seen the FTSE futures test levels around 8,100 today. The gains in the US last night and very positive Asian session today have been a driver for that. The Nikkei 225 is higher by more than 2% this morning, as the index jumps back above the 38k handle. So, the FTSE 100 looks set for another record opening later this morning and right now, even the rise in the GBP/USD is not affecting that outlook. It seems like the rebound in the oil price since this time yesterday has managed to add more traction on this occasion. 

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