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FTSE 100 set for a record opening shortly

The record run for the FTSE 100 continued to extend on Friday and it looks like continuing that shortly on the opening today. On Friday the FTSE 100 rose to set a new all time high at 8,146. The index later closed out there week with its highest ever daily and weekly close, at 8,139. The index future is right now pricing a reopening this morning at closer to 8,200 and once gain it is the mining and basic resources sectors that are very much in focus again this week. This is highlighted by a renewed outlook for the UK M+A sector as a result although there are doubts here about just what exactly there is left to sell in terms of the UK. That is because most of it has been sold off a long time ago, but we shall see. The FTSE is just now priced to reopen shortly, at around 8,180 

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