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FTSE 100 set for a record move above 8,200 this morning?

Once again yesterday, the FTSE 100 was the outlier amongst the major European stock markets and the only one to close higher on the day. The FTSE 100 rose 50 points to close at 8,172. That 0.63% rise on the session was in stark contrast to a loss of 0.88% for the CAC 40 and a 0.20% lower close for the DAX. The FTSE 100 futures have been helped higher this morning by the gains in the US markets since the close and right now the FTSE 100 looks poised to have a look above 8,200. If it does, then of course that will deliver fresh all time highs for the index. The current record high for the FTSE 100 is in place at 8,199.95 (April 30). The FTSE 100 future is just now pricing that opening at 8,192 

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