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FTSE 100 opening outlook not looking so hot this morning

The FTSE 100 was the worst performing major European stock market index on Friday. The FTSE 100 limped home to end the week with a mere 4 point gain on the day. The 0.06% rise on the session compared to gains of 0.22% for the DAX and 0.20% for the CAC 40. The drop in oil prices on Friday afternoon did not help the FTSE 100, but perhaps I should also note the UK banking sector, which accounts for a significant percentage of the index. This sector has been under a lot pressure this year too. As of yet that has shown little sign of letting up either. That is another reason to explain the really poor performance of the FTSE 100, when compared to its leading US and European peers. The index closed on Friday at 7,488. It is currently priced to reopen today, at around 7,475

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