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FTSE 100 lifts close to 7,700 level once more

The FTSE 100 is now approaching the 7,700 mark once again. The index has been making further progress today after the latest UK sales data doubled forecasts and surprised the markets. This came hot on the heels of conflicting data evidencing the UK has now fallen into a mild recession. So, right now the sales data is eclipsing that news from earlier in the week and helping to drive the FTSE 100 higher. Of course it has also gotten a lift from surrounding, record gains in the DAX today, as that rises closer to 17,200 earlier this morning. The US futures remain elevated too, in terms of the Nasdaq 100 and the S+P 500, but not so the Dow Jones. That 7,700 level on the FTSE 100 has been a level that has capped all recent upside efforts in the FTSE and a close today above this price point could prove quite decisive. Of course it has to achieve that first, but just now this level is not far away, ahead of the latest US PPI report due in around an hour from now 

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