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FTSE 100 futures rise further above 7,700 after UK Jobs report

The FTSE 100 did manage to rebound into the close yesterday. The index lifted from a session low at 7,612, to later close that session at its best levels of the day, at 7,669. That rise came as the DAX and the CAC remained in the red  and so the FTSE 100 was the only major European index to post a higher close yesterday. The rebound in the US futures so far today might have helped the outlook for the opening this morning, but that outlook just got a boost from the weaker than forecast UK jobs report. So, the FTSE 100 futures were already pricing a reopening above 7,700 this morning. This jobs report has pushed it now to around 7,740. If the FTSE 100 does open above 7,700 today that would cause a break on the charts, as it has refused to rise above this level for some while now. 

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