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FTSE 100 futures in the red this morning after the index failed to close above 8k

As noted here on Friday, the FTSE 100 came very close to reaching a new all time high above 8,047, but in the event it stalled just short of that, at 8,044. The drop that followed into the close later also saw the index unable to post a daily and weekly close above 8k yet again. The FTSE 100 closed on Friday at 7,995.58. That said, the index was still the best performing major European stock market index on Friday and by some margin too. The FTSE gained 71 points ahead of the weekend, where the DAX handed back 24 points and the CAC 40 closed 12 points lower. However, the failure of the FTSE to close above 8k could be important, as could the prospect of a potential multi-year double top on the daily charts at 8,047 and 8,044. It is too early to conclude on that prospect yet though, but the FTSE 100 futures are lower this morning. where the DAX and the CAC are pricing a higher opening just now. The FTSE 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 7,967

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