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FTSE 100 futures not sure what to make of UK jobs report

Whilst the Pound is edging after after the latest UK jobs report, the FTSE 100 futures seem less certain of the right way to distill the numbers. Yesterday the FTSE 100 did not set a new record high and topped out at 8,446, as noted at the time. The index later fell back to a low at 8,409, before closing the session at 8,414.99, with a loss of just 18 points on the day. So, it was the first lower daily close for the index in over a week and snapped a run of 6 consecutive higher daily closes. The index futures have been pricing the opening below 8,400 for this morning and right now not much above that after those jobs numbers. Hence, it looks like the index could in for a further correction of the technically overbought situation it is in right now and that which was commented on here yesterday ahead of the opening 

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