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FTSE 100 futures not feeling the love again this morning

Pretty soon the European stock markets will reopen and right now it looks like a sea of red out there. Yesterday the FTSE 100 was once again the worst performing major European index. The FTSE 100 closed 0.55% lower, at 7,640. To put that in context, it compared to a 0.11% lower close for the DAX. Just ahead of the opening index is priced to fall again this morning. The price action so far this week is taking it back closer to technical support levels. In fact, right now it is poised to open below its 50 day moving average (7,629). As of the close last night the 100 day moving average was in place at 7,556, with the 200 day in place at 7,541. The FTSE is priced to reopen shortly, at around 7,605 

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