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FTSE 100 futures making a move ahead of the opening

Yesterday the FTSE 100 did initially fall back and that saw the index hit a session low at 7,493. However, the index did not stay down there for very long and the further gains in the DAX and the CAC 40 helped the FTSE recover, to later close just 9 points lower, at 7,544. Since that close the FTSE 100 futures have been buoyed by higher closes last night in the states and a rebound in the oil price. The earlier UK jobs report has further added to those gains too, as UK wage rises fall back. That is underpinning stocks, due to the data endorsing a lower chance of the BOE having to raise rates next year. Hence, the FTSE 100 futures are rising ahead of the opening this morning and currently indicating an effective reopening well above recent highs, right now at around 7,575. The index will reopen for live trading in a couple of minutes from now 

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