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FTSE 100 futures jump on lower UK inflation reports

Firstly let me apologise for a bad fat finger error in an attempt to get the UK inflation reports to you as soon as possible. The first headline noted the pound sliding on the lower than expected US inflation. That was corrected to read the UK of course. I do hope that was obvious though, but nevertheless an apology is warranted. So, the Pound has been dented by this news, but not so the FTSE 100. This lower than expected UK inflation report is adding traction to the outlook for the index this morning. The outlook for lower UK interest rates going forward resultant from this data is positive for stocks. So, the FTSE 100 closed yesterday at 7,638, with a gain of 23 points on the day. This inflation news has sent the FTSE 100 futures charging higher, to now price a reopening at above 7,700. That would not have been the case had this inflation data been higher. 

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