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FTSE 100 futures imply another record opening this morning

Yesterday the FTSE 100 was the only major European stock market to hold a gain into the close. The index closed at 8,078, with a gain of 0.48% on the session. That compared to losses of 0.95% for the DAX and 0.93% for the CAC 40. The contrasting performance of the FTSE 100 was driven by M+A fever in the UK market ands seemingly bought the index back into a much more favourable position amongst international investors. The recovery in the US markets that followed and the surge in the futures there after the closing bell has delivered further gains for the FTSE 100 futures since. The index is now set to open at levels not seen before, above 8,100. At one stage earlier that was at around 8,150. The index had peaked yesterday at 8,105. It is right now priced to reopen around 8,130 

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