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FTSE 100 futures eyeing a potential opening above 7,700 this morning

The record gains in the DAX yesterday ensured that index was one of the best performing European indexes. However, it was not the leader and that mantle actually belonged to the FTSE 100, despite the index not setting any records. The FTSE rose by 0.90% on the session, closing 68 points higher, at 7,681. It is arguable; that the gains in the FTSE 100 were responsible for that record close in the DAX. Well, this morning the FTSE 100 futures are flirting with a potential opening above 7,700. The current daily chart dynamic does also suggest there is some upside on the table today. That remains to be seen, as does the possibility of the index opening above 7,700 for the first time this year 

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