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FTSE 100 futures eye new index records this morning

The FTSE 100 was not the best performing major European stock market index yesterday, but it did forge out a very modestly higher close. The index closed just 13 points higher, at 8,428.13. However, overnight and this morning the FTSE futures are pointing to an effective record opening today, buoyed by gains stateside last night and yet more M+A fever focused on BHP and Anglo-American. The current record high on the FTSE 100 was set last Friday, at 8,455.77. The FTSE futures are indicating the index will surpass that record today. The futures price has been above 8,475 earlier today and right now it is pricing an opening above 8,465, but of course that indicative opening might change over the next couple of hours before live trading resumes 

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