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FTSE 100 dented by BOE statement as DAX tries to fill the gap

Earlier this morning, via a couple of updates here, I noted the open price gap in the DAX from the previous record high, at 16,837, to the opening level this morning, at 16,948. Well, since rising to a new all time high at 17,003, the index has been tracking lower and trying to fill that gap. It has come close so far, but not yet quite managed to do that. At the same time, the shine has come off the FTSE 100, following the hawkish hold from the Bank of England today. Earlier the FTSE 100 rose to an interim high at 7,724, It has traded to below 7,680 following that BOE decision and policy statement. The DAX has traded to a low so far at 16,850 since peaking at 17,003. It is currently trading at 16,868

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