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FTSE 100 continues to underperform

As noted here in an  update a short while ago, it was not a positive close for the major European stock markets yesterday. The FTSE 100 continued to lose ground and closed 27 points lower, at 7,460. The index is soon to reopen and currently the FTSE futures are pricing a lower opening, below 7,450 which is a level it held onto yesterday. The low was set at 7,452. Of course we are talking about tight ranges here on this index at the moment, but the lack of traction has been a theme for a long while now and once again its year to date return needs to be highlighted, because that stands at just 0.12%. Compare that to any of its peers and it is dismal. The index is still being held back by BOE rhetoric on interest rates and underperforming banking and oil market sectors. The FTSE 100 is currently set to reopen shortly at around 7,440 

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