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The FTSE 100 continues to stand out from the crowd

Look around the major global stock market indexes today and one particular market continues to stand out from the crowd and not in a good way either. That is the FTSE 100, which simply refuses to follow its leading counterparts higher. The DAX has risen close to 16,200 today. The Dow Jones has traded above 35,500 and the Nasdaq 100 is setting fresh 2023 records above 16,160, yet the FTSE 100 is in the red again this afternoon. The index is not far above the lows seen yesterday, at 7,403 and has struggled for traction all day so far. In a couple of minutes, at 3pm GMT the Bank of England Governor, Andrew Bailey is due to speak. It will be interesting to see if he keeps banging the higher for longer UK interest rate message and if he does; just how the FTSE 100 will react to that rhetoric

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