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Firstly an apology for the lack of updates earlier this morning- Check out USD/JPY now

Owing to some technical issues here earlier this morning it was not possible to issue any Quick News updates ahead of the European opening, but we are up and running now. Please accept my apologies for this. So, since the European markets got underway the major theme so far today has been of renewed Yen weakness. That had seen the Japanese currency lose ground during the Asian session. The USD/JPY had closed in the US last night at 144.48, which was right at the upper end of the range seen. The dollar has managed to extend on that move and trade above 145 earlier this morning. The high seen so far has been set at 145.15, but it has backed away from that now. The drop back has come as US yields edge off earlier session highs. The USD/JPY has slipped back to around 144.76, but remains elevated overall, currently trading at 144.85

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