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A final reminder about Quick News updates as USD/JPY takes out 148

Earlier this week I notified readers that I will be absent from the markets from tomorrow until Monday January 29. So, there will be no quick news coverage from me during that time. I would just wish you all the very best of success in your trading over that period. Meantime, the USD/JPY has finally managed to break above the 148 handle. There were a lot of offers just ahead of 148, but once they were taken out there was a bit of a rush to the upside and that has now seen the dollar rise to 148.25 so far. The reasons for this remain the same and that is all due to higher US yields and a more widespread rebound in the US currency versus most of its major counterparts in recent days. The Yen has remained the weakest of all of those and that has seen all the major Yen crosses rise too. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 148.22

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