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Fed hold and Dovish Powell sends US stocks and Dow Jones to record levels

Yesterday evening as the Fed boss offered no hint of anything hawkish in his rhetoric and further stressed that US interest rates were at their peak the US stock markets, which were already on the rise after the Fed remained on hold, jumped higher again. That saw new all time highs for the S+P 500 and the Dow Jones indexes. The Dow Jones surged past its current all time high, at 39,282. The index rose to as high as 35,529, before later closing 401 points higher, at 39,512, Some while back, an update here offered the prospect of the Dow Jones rising to 40k and above. Well, the prospect of that happening, perhaps even this week just got a serious boost last night. Overnight the Asian markets have all gotten a boost too, from those record US gains and that has further underpinned the Dow Jones futures, which are right now pricing a reopening close to 39,650 

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