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As expected FTSE 100 leads European opening gains

Well, it is surely not much of a surprise to see that the FTSE 100 has led the opening European stock market gains. The FTSE 100 has effectively reopened above 8,125 this morning and traded close to 8,150 since. At the same time we are seeing gains for the CAC 40 and the DAX. However, those are dissipating somewhat now, as the DAX dips back under 18k.  That higher opening was always going to happen though and the interesting thing to note here this morning; is the FTSE has lifted above the CAC 40 in pure numerical terms, for the first time in a long while too. The US futures are all still holding gains too, but that might change later today, if that US PCE report is even higher than the markets now suggest it will be. So far US earnings are eclipsing higher yields but the outlook for the Fed monetary policy is a factor not to ignore. There will be more to add on that later today. The FTSE 100 is just now trading at 8,132 

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