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Events this week which might kick the EUR/USD into life

Well, eventually the EUR/USD did react positively to the weaker than expected US manufacturing ISM index. However, the push higher in the EUR/USD was not at all dynamic and that was covered in updates here. The EUR/USD later closed the week at 1.0837. It has edged a little higher today, but that seems mostly driven by a rebound in the EUR/JPY. The range seen in the EUR/USD has thus far been covered by 1.0838 to 1.0853. There are some important data releases and events this week, which might hopefully shape the price action into something more dynamic than we have seen of late. First, we have the US service sector ISM index and the Fed boss, Jerome Powell talking on Wednesday and then we have the US monthly jobs report on Friday. There will be more to add on those in due course. Meantime, the EUR/USD is still taking a lead from the USD/JPY and relative yields. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0845

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