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Even the FTSE 100 managed to rebound into the monthly close

Yesterday all the major European stock markets managed to hold gains on the day into the monthly close. That especially applied to the FTSE 100. As covered here earlier that day, the FTSE had fallen to a low at 7,387, before later rebounding quite sharply to a high at 7,497. However, it was not able to hold all of that gain into the close, and later ended the day at 7,453, with a net gain of 30 points on the day. The later surge in the Dow Jones has helped the opening outlook this morning too and so far the slide in oil prices has not dented that either. However, it remains to be seen if the index can start the new month with a rebound back above 7,500 in a more resolute way than has been seen of late. The FTSE 100 futures are currently pricing at opening at around 7,480

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