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EUR/USD taking a back seat in Dollar action today

The focus across the FX markets today is all about the Yen. In fact, that applies to all the major financial markets too. That is because the price action in the USD/JPY and its major crosses is pretty much eclipsing everything that surrounds it right now. That certainly includes the other major dollar pairings, such as the GBP/USD and EUR/USD. The EUR/USD is only moving as a wash-through for the EUR/JPY for the most part so far today. That is likely to continue too. The EUR/USD closed in the US own Friday at 1.0693 after hitting a low at 1.0674 around the time of the 4pm London Fix. It has lifted to a high so far today at 1.0734. That high came as the USD/JPY had peaked above 160 and dived towards 155. The low seen prior to that was set at 1.0687. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0720

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