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EUR/USD still struggling to really vault 1.08

Yesterday the EUR/USD did make a limited move above its 200 day moving average, at 1.0792. However, the move was not exactly extended, or dynamic. The Euro only reached a high at 1.0807 and it did not stay up there for very long either. The EUR/USD later failed to post a daily close above 1.0792, when it ended the US session at 1.0790. It has made no progress so far today either and once again the main reason for that seems to be down to the EUR/JPY acting as a wash-through for the USD/JPY. To be honest it is like that a lot of the time anyway and independent thought for the EUR/USD in that sense seems hard to find. The range so far today has been even tighter than normal, with 1.0783 to 1.0794 covering it for now. It is just this minute trading at 1.0787 

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