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EUR/USD still sticky around 1.0660

Yesterday an outlined range in the EUR/USD was suggested here and that was covered by 1.0660 and 1.0760. Well, the attempts to push higher ran into resistance well ahead of the top end, as the EUR/USD peaked at 1.0725. It then started to fall back into and after the 4pm London fix, as US yields rose and a drop below 1.07 was then compounded by those Powell comments. The EUR/USD then came very close to the noted support around 1.0660. It later closed in the US at 1.0668. The price action this morning has seen the Euro have a brief look below 1.0660, with 1.0656 being the low so far. However, despite edging below 1.0660, this is not conclusive and the price action still looks rather sticky around that 1.0660 level. That said, it has not yet managed to draw away from that price point by very much at all. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0666

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