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EUR/USD still resilient so far this morning

It was noted here yesterday; that despite edging back yesterday, the EUR/USD proved to be resilient to the rebound in the USD/JPY. The same can be said of the GBP/USD in that regard too, So, the EUR/USD peaked much earlier yesterday at 1.0895, after rejecting any further rise, to above the 1.0900 handle. The low seen yesterday afternoon was set at 1.0855. The Euro later closed in the US at 1.0867. The main reason it seems for the Euro holding that 1.0850 level seemed linked to a corresponding rise in the EUR/JPY, taking place with the rebound in the USD/JPY and that dynamic looks like it has been in place so far today. The push higher in the EUR/JPY puts bids back into the EUR/USD and that has held the price above 1.0850 so far today as well. The range seen ahead of the European opening has been covered by 1.0854 to 1.0869. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0861

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