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EUR/USD steady near session highs as US jobs data looms

The EUR/USD has been pushing a little higher since the European opening today. The high seen a short while ago was set at 1.0653. Now shortly, at 12.30pm GMT the US will release its October monthly jobs report. The markets expect the increase in payrolls of around 180k. That compares to a previous rise of 336k. The underlying rate is expected to remain unchanged, at 3.8%. There are parts to this report and average wages could be a factor in deciding how the markets move once the report is known. Wages growth is expected to have fallen slightly on an annualised basis, to 4%, from 4.2% in September. Overall the dollar is still on the back foot relative to where it was earlier in the week, when the EUR/USD dropped to as low as 1.0517. The EUR/USD is just now trading at 1.0650

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