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EUR/USD slips after ECB Villeroy adds some spice

The French Central Banker and ECB board member, Francois Villeroy has just now added some spice into the ECB rate path outlook. The comments from Madame Lagarde yesterday seemed to walk back on any immediate cut this side of June. However, Villeroy has just said that a rate cut in the Spring is very likely. So, we are at odds on that by the looks  of it and the same can be said over in the US too. I do expect other Fed members to offer a similar diversion in terms of their rate path outlook. So, the comments from Villeroy have sent the EUR/USD a little lower now and perhaps unnerved some Euro bulls, that might want to take profits ahead of the US jobs report. So, all this rhetoric is another classic example of Central Bank speakers seemingly wanting to divide and conquerer folks. The EUR/USD has slipped back to a fresh session low now, but it has not yet changed course. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0934 

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