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EUR/USD pushes to new interim high above 1.1019

In the past couple of minutes some fresh buying on the EUR/USD has seen it finally make a limited push past the previous interim high at 1.1019. I say limited, because it has only extended on that by a mere 2 pips so far, trading at 1.1021 a moment ago. The move higher comes amid further downside on the USD index (USDX). That has now fallen to 101.62. The USD/JPY is under further pressure as well, and right now leaning on that 142 handle and dipping just below it. The EUR/USD, should extend, or more rather could extend, from here, but any move might be limited due to the proximity of that US PCE report, at 1.30pm GMT. The EUR/USD is right now trading at 1.1020

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