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EUR/USD lifts modestly as US stocks open higher, but can they hold the opening gains?

The US stock markets have just reopened and unsurprisingly it has been a higher opening today across all three main indexes. That was pretty much baked in by the price action in the futures leading into the opening. Of course it might be a different matter, as to whether or not that positive opening can lead to a positive close this evening. Indeed the early price action is almost immediately seeing a paring of the gains and now the Dow Jones is tracking lower, but it is very early days as far as the session is concerned. I think it would be wise to keep an eye on those US binds yields again today and see if they provide a directional lead for stocks, as they seemed to vestry. They are currently a little lower and that has dented the dollar bit more, as the EUR/USD pushes to fresh session highs around 1..0720 

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