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EUR/USD holding above 1.05 so far today

Yesterday the dollar came a little unstuck and the drop back in the US Index (USDX) helped the EUR/USD to rebound above 1.05. The high seen ahead of the US close was set at 1.0532, but the gains were hard fought. The EUR/USD later closed in the US at 1.0504. Now, I noted here yesterday; how the EUR/USD has endured a 11 week losing streak of consecutive lower weekly closes and just now rare such a run is. That was to highlight the prospect that such a run was probably overdue a correction of some sort. Well, that might still be the case, but of course that will largely depend on how the dollar fares after the US monthly jobs report tomorrow. Meantime, the EUR/USD has held the 1.05 handle so far today, with the low set at 1.0502. The topside is yet to break fresh ground, but I would not rule that out today. The high so far has been set at 1.0529. It is just now trading at 1.0524

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