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EUR/USD hands it back as Lagarde offers a weak excuse to a very pertinent question

The ECB boss is now conducting a Q+A session in the ECB post decision press conference. She has just been asked; why the ECB has lowered rates today at the same time as raising their 2024 and 2025 inflation forecasts. A very pertinent question to be honest. In response to that question from a very experienced CBNC reporter, Lagarde has offered a very lame answer, but the truth is; this latest decision was pretty much pre-committed, despite rhetoric to the contrary and especially in regard to the same rhetoric for upcoming meetings. So, the EUR/USD has now handed back its earlier BUY the rumour, SELL the fact reaction higher to the rate cut. As to where it heads to now is rather uncertain to be honest with you. However, the ECB boss is not giving the markets much confidence right now. Perhaps it is over to the dollar this afternoon from now on as to where the next Euro move will come from? We shall just have to see on that. The EUR/USD is back at square one again folks, currently trading at 1.0880

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