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EUR/USD falls to fresh session lows as dollar recovery extends

The rebound in the dollar is still unfolding this morning and that has just seen the EUR/USD reach a new session low underneath 1.0685. The move higher in the dollar comes as the European equity markets struggle for traction and the US futures remain in the red. US yields are not materially higher, to there seems to be an element of risk aversion at play right now favouring the dollar too. However, if that is the case, then it is not exactly pronounced at this stage. That said the dollar is fighting back after what seemed rather unfair treatment on Friday and again yesterday. The EUR/USD has some ways fall before it might find technical support around 1.0632 (50 day moving average), but that is not to say it will get down there, moreover to add; that there is little standing in the way of the current price and that lower level. The EUR/USD is just now trading at 1.0684

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