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EUR/USD fails to post a daily close above its 200 day moving average

Yesterday the fall back in the wider dollar allowed the EUR/USD to test and then lift just above its 200 day moving average (still at 1.0827 today) The high seen was set at 1.0839, but it could not hold the break and later fell back to close in the US at 1.0808. That was surely a disappointment to Euro bulls and since that close the price action has been inconclusive, but the 1.08 handle has remained intact since yesterday afternoon. The range so far today has been very tight too, with 1.0806 to 1.0819 covering it. That means the 100 day moving average (now at 1.0808) has largely capped the downside.  Hopefully, there will be more to add on this later, but meantime it is currently trading at 1.0811

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