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EUR/USD edging lower this morning

An update here yesterday noted the EUR/USD lifting to session highs just above 1.0750. Well, as suspected that was pretty much the extent of the move. The EUR/USD posted a synthetic US close last night at 1.0744 and it has been edging a little lower so far today. To some extent the EUR/USD is not exactly on the radar this morning, with the SNB and BOE policy decisions set to grab the limelight, if there is any. That said, we should not forget the impact that any significant moves in the EUR/CHF and the EUR/GBP might have later on the EUR/USD. The EUR/USD has so far drifted down to a low at 1.0732. It is currently trading at 1.0736, as the first of those policy decisions, from the SNB looms a little closer, at 7.30am GMT

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