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EUR/USD edging lower into the month end

Yesterday the EUR/USD pretty much remained the wash-though for the EUR/JPY all day. That saw the Euro hold a 50 pip range already set during the Asian session. that lasted all the way to the US close. That was covered by 1.0687 to 1.0734. The noted second attempt to break the downside failed and that led to another rebound towards the highs again ahead of that close. The EUR/USD ended the US session at 1.0721. The range so far today has been covered by 1.0695 to 1,0724. The Euro has slipped back more recently and the latest German retail sales data just released, better than forecast, has yet to have much of a positive impact. However, it is also the month-end today and that could be attracting positive dollar flow, as some models seem to suggest will be the case. There is also the potential for two-way month-end fixing orders to show up during the day too. The EUR/USD is currently trading at 1.0701

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