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European stocks slip- FTSE 100 falls below 8,300

As noted here earlier today the opening gains in the DAX and the CAC 40 were not matching by the FTSE 100 and that has been a constant theme since the opening today. Well, now that the DAX and the CAC have fallen into the red, it should come as little surprise to see the FTSE 100 is further in that shade too. The index has now fallen below the 8,300 handle and the losses here in Europe are also being matched by a downturn in the all the US equity futures right now. Even the Nasdaq 100 is fall back from its earlier highs. There does not appear to be any news based catalyst for the falls and neither the dollar or US Treasury yields are materially higher from where they were a couple of hours ago. The FTSE 100 is just now trading at 8,285

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