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European stocks set to open a little higher-check out the DAX futures

As noted here yesterday, the European stock markets did not want to join the stateside party and all the major indexes here closed lower on the day. I think there is an element of caution here, not seen across the pond and that is probably wise in terms of the wider macro view. That said, I am not ruling out another US led push to force further gains in Europe, but the fundamentals and earnings are clearly not the same as in the US right now. The worst performing index here amongst the majors was the FTSE 100, with a loss of 0.68% on the session. The DAX came next, with a 0.65% decline and the CAC 40 was the best of the three in relative terms, closing 0.36% lower. The DAX had earlier stalled ahead of 17,049 even after setting a new opening record, at 17,020. The low seen ahead of the close was set at 16,907 and index ended the day at 16,921. It is set to open higher shortly this morning, but it remains to be seen how the price action will unfold in the wake of those US closes. The DAX is currently priced to reopen at around 16,935 

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