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European stocks set for a higher opening this morning- check out the CAC 40 futures

The major European stock markets all closed in the red again yesterday. It was the French index that led the losses. As was kind of expected here, the CAC 40 reversed its rebound from the day before and eventually fell to a fresh interim low at 7,692. It did not close much above that low either and later set a new interim closing low, from the recent record high at 8,259. The CAC 40 closed 156 points lower, at 7,708. However, the CAC futures are a little higher right now this morning, but at this stage not by anything that cannot easily be reversed. The reasons for the Index falling back most recently have simply not gone away and the news yesterday; that Le Pen has around a 31% share of the vote in the most recent polls is not a positive for the index. The CAC 40 looks like it will lead again today, in either direction ahead of the weekend. The index is currently priced to reopen at around 7,727

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