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European stocks reopen slightly in the red- check out the DAX this morning

Well, it is finally upon us now, as the final live European equity market trading session before Christmas gets underway and it has been a rather underwhelming start to the day. All three major indexes closed in the red yesterday and have just now kicked off a little lower. The FTSE 100 and the DAX matched strides yesterday, with each posting a 0.27% lower close. The DAX closed at 16,687 and it has just now opened slightly below that close. So far we are not talking about any significant downside here though and most of that is probably due to the drop in the US futures, all of which are still in the red this morning. The markets are going to get progressively thinner today as the Christmas weekend draws closer. The DAX is just now paring those losses, currently trading at 16,680 

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