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European stocks open modestly higher- Check out the DAX now

The European stock markets have unsurprisingly reopened higher just now, but not at the levels indicated earlier. The CAC 40 was the best performing major European index on Friday and the FTSE 100 was the worst, but we are not talking about significantly lower or higher closes there. The DAX has reopened above its Friday close at 17,936, but it has not yet threatened that 18k handle in early live trading. The FTSE 100 is not making much progress yet and neither is the CAC. So, a modestly higher opening today, but in truth given those Asian gains, it should have probably been a bit more dynamic this morning. Unless the DAX can take out that interim double top at 18,038 and 18,039, the downside risk will remain in place for the time being. The index is just now trading at 17,960

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