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European stocks open lower- DAX falls and then rebounds

The European stock markets have just now reopened and it has not been a very positive start to the day. The DAX has opened lower and extended that to below 15,075 in very early trading. The FTSE 100 has had a look below 7,400 too. Now of course these opening moves are not conclusive at this early stage and the price action is rather uncertain. The firmer dollar is a core reason for the lower start today and as far as the DAX is concerned, the latest German economic data has not helped either. The European outlook remains clouded in uncertainty still and to be honest with you there is no divide between the latest reports on the UK outlook and that across the channel. The risks of recession in both regions remain elevated, if the latest research and reports are accurate. The DAX is just now edging off its opening lows, currently trading at 15,110

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