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European stocks open higher but FTSE 100 rejects 7,700 in early trading

The European stock markets have not long reopened for live trading and of course it has been a positive start to the new month. That was one hundred percent baked-in anyway. The DAX has had a look at the 17,800 level this morning and it is matching strides with the FTSE 100 in percentage terms so far. However, the FTSE 100 has immediately rejected a potential rebound back above that 7,700 level in early trading. The CAC 40 is lagging slightly too, is continues to tread cautiously ahead of 8,000. The US futures are all holding gains too and right now the Nasdaq 100 is leading there. The FTSE 100 is still facing challenging headwinds it seems and once again the index is battling to try and keep pace with the record gains seen elsewhere in Europe and the US

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