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European stocks get a boost from Asia and the US-check out the DAX futures now

The European stock markets all drifted to a rather tepid close yesterday. The FTSE 100 remained the weakest of the majors when closing 32 points lower, at 7,651. The DAX fared a little better, but barely shifted the dial, when closing just 1.45 points higher, at 16,689. I did say the index was pivotal around that 16,700 area and so it proved to be by the close last night. However, the higher US closes and surge in some of the Asian markets today has helped to boost the opening outlook for the DAX (and the FTSE 100) this morning. The DAX future is also being assisted by a rise towards 1.10 this morning in the EUR/USD. So, right now the index is priced to reopen at 8am GMT, at above 16,800

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