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European stock losses deepen after opening-DAX falls towards 18,200

Well, as suspected the European stock markets have taken a hit on the opening. The CAC 40 is leading the way again and the DAX is now falling towards 18,200. The index did briefly try to rebound above 18,300 on the opening, but that move blew out even faster than it evolved and now the index is under pressure. The outlier in relative terms is the FTSE 100, which understandably is performing the best amongst the three major indexes. The EUR/USD has eventually fallen to fresh lows as well The Euro is now dropping closer to the 1.0700 handle. So, once again it seems we can blame the comments by French finance minister for all this. The unravelling geopolitical situation across Europe is fast taking centre stage in determining the price action for the stock markets and the Euro 

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